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(july 2012)
recorded a few bits and trits since the last update and fighting the milk sensers. also is here a recording of a show from last summer: 
unsure of the status of ONWARD at this point, but it will eventually be something.
recording at jimring's place is being set up and some new release of sorts will be happening very soon.

(december 2010)
in october we recorded the multi medium collection: lost sound disk. it will probably not be released any time soon. maybe in thousands of years when our planet is part of another galaxy.
the white angel tape (from maybe 2 years ago) was found and partially salvaged. 
in november the short but lovely ORIGEN session was recorded. a few songs might emerge from those tapes.
we are going to be refocusing on the LP that has been mentioned before. planning a session soon.
also, a cool show is coming up in january. more info on that later.

(july 18 2010)

[Breakin' on Me] micro-single now available. 
1 - breakin' on me 2g
2 - p-ko
3 - breakin' (off vocal)
4 - p-ko (off vocal)

(july 13 2010)
on saturday we worked on and recorded some demos for the upcoming album. things are looking really good. a couple more sessions and then seaside lounge. news from july 8th is still relevant.

(july 08 2010)
recorded 'yellow boots' a few weeks back.
we will be doing some demo sessions and then setting up a date to record at seaside lounge.
we finally have an in air youtube account.
we have favorited some vids uploaded on other accounts instead of reuploading them.
if you have any vids from shows you could send us or just upload, please let us know.
lastly, a limited run of 'soichiro's death' on cassette will be released soon. at shows or on request. only 22 copies will be made.


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